Grimm Jr.

A Lil’ Bit of Everything is always what my life has been. Growing up in the DMV you get exposed to every kind of life and person there is out there, it’s crazy what a mix of cultures there is. So growing up in this mixing pot the only thing I’ve ever been interested in: experiencing everything life has to offer. If you’re going to be here why not try a little bit of everything? That right there is the influence for my recent project “Li rich to poor, hood to preppy, young to old, nerd to jock, men to women, people who indulge in being under the influence to people who chose to be sober, all people from every demographic to have something to relate to.

The “I’m Not Dead yet “artist moment in a young and fly creative’s Show or focusing on that new and exotic tattoo design. Grimm Jr has a little bit of everything to mesmerize that moment in time. From party knockers to melodic tunnel vision tunes, this of a wild, inspiring and “true to nature” artist. The new kid on the mic will deliver a or musical vibe needed, just press play.

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